refund policy

Refund Policy

We are confident that if you follow the steps outlined in this course, you will see results. However, we offer a 7-day refund period for all purchases on

In order to qualify for a refund you must submit the following materials to prove you have completed and implemented the work, and that it did not work for you:

1. Brand Concept & Targeting Worksheet
2. Brainstorming Celebrities & Influencers Worksheet
3. Screenshots to show thorough implementation of Module 4
4. Screenshots to show thorough implementation of Module 5

We will not provide refunds more than 7 days following the date of purchase.

Please note: if you opted for a payment plan and you do not request a refund within 7 days, with the required coursework, you are required by law to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact us directly. is owned and operated by Apparel Success Ltd a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

*You will not be eligible for a refund, if you sell similar clothing brand training programs or courses or if you purchase this course at a discount of 40% or more.